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Sample bylaws, mission statements, policies, etc., which parent groups can use in revising or writing their own.

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Complete set of sample bylaws for a PTO, including the IRS-required conflict of interest policy, translated for Spanish-speaking parent groups.
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How to write by laws for school pto
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Constitution and Bylaws for private Lutheran school, K-8.
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Room Parent Handbook
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Sample of what a Policies and Procedures Binder is and what could go in one.
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A Sample set of Standing Rules.
Downloads: 5735 hot icon
Complete sample bylaws with explanations for each section.
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Simple, one-page flyer listing general policies for handling funds received.
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These bylaws are the ones we use for our middle school PTO. They are very basic, but have the essentials.
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general bylaws from a non-501(c)(3) PTO
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Letter to Parents about a Meeting to Switch
Downloads: 2823 hot icon
Form Letter to a state PTA about intent to disband
Downloads: 1749 hot icon
PTA Membership Letter welcoming and informing of the association.
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Comprehensive guide to help parent group leaders be the best they can be, from setting priorities for the group to maximizing involvement.
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Examples of mission statements taken from real parent groups; learn more in the PTO Leader's Toolkit.
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Sample incorporation text, with notes to help explain what to do and why; from the PTO Startup Toolkit.
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Comprehensive guide for school parent groups, including step-by-step instructions for filing for nonprofit status (IRS Form 1023).
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Sample statement from the IRS, required in bylaws for groups applying for nonprofit status; taken from the PTO Startup Toolkit.
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Bulleted list of general policies for PTO funds
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Document that states the goals of the PTO and then a side-by-side list of what falls within PTO's responsibility and what does not. Great for setting
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