6 Ways To Help Families Get More Active

Fun ways to encourage fitness as a family.


1. Organize a Group Hike

This is as easy as picking a nice spot, choosing a date, and sending an email. You could make it monthly and ask families to bring a healthy item for a group picnic.

2. Walk It Out

Running or walking clubs are another simple way to encourage physical activity. Clubs can be comprised of families or just moms (or dads) and can meet as formally or informally as people would like.

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3. Get Fit as a Family

Family fitness nights are a great way to expose kids and parents to the value of exercise. Enlist your school’s PE teacher for help planning the evening. Set up stations at your school’s gym with a broad range of activities.

4. Strike!

While perhaps not typically billed as a fitness event, bowling does provide physical activity. Plus it’s an easy sell—most kids love a trip to the bowling alley!

5. Plan a Fun Run

Fun runs have long been staple fundraisers for parent groups. The PE teacher can partner with the PTO to prepare students for the event. Encourage families to get involved by going on practice runs together.

6. Hold a Bike Rodeo

A bike rodeo is an event designed to teach kids about bicycle safety, and the concept has gained momentum recently. Speak to your local police department about the possibility, and enlist help from local bike shops and enthusiasts.

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