Reenergize Your PTO or PTA Midyear

Reenergize Your PTO or PTA at the Midyear Point

If your PTO or PTA is like most, you probably started the year with a burst of energy, eager volunteers, and plans that everyone was enthused about. But by the midyear point, many parent groups stall out a bit.

What’s Inside?

  • Managing volunteers. Keep your numbers from dwindling with our ideas for showing appreciation, keeping up momentum, and more.
  • Dealing with low meeting attendance. Meetings aren’t everything, but they’re important—and sometimes simple ways of making them more enticing can inspire more people to show up.
  • Reviewing your financials. After fall fundraising and the holidays is a good time to have a detailed discussion about your group’s financial performance.
  • Managing burnout. “Midyear slump” is a common situation, but one that you can overcome. Our tips can help.

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