PTO Today Article

What Every Secretary Should Know

The secretary’s role is more than just taking minutes and posting the meeting agenda.


Parent Group Secretary Job Description

An outline of weekly and monthly tasks, characteristics of a good PTO or PTA secretary, and other job requirements.

Expert Guide

Secretary's Toolkit

This comprehensive guide will help both new and veteran secretaries do the job more effectively and efficiently, with information and templates to prepare for meetings, write letters, communicate with members, and more.

Topic Page

Meetings and Robert's Rules

Ideas, tools, and articles to help make your PTO's or PTA's meetings more effective and efficient.

Board Member Job Duties

How To Take Meeting Minutes

Get the ABCs about what to write down (and what not to), plus tips to make the group secretary job easier.


PTO Minutes Approval Process Printable

Step-by-step guide to take you through the minutes process, from taking them to publishing them and getting them approved.

PTO Today Article

Email Communication Tips

How to use email effectively while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding.


PTO Record-Retention Rules

This checklist is based on IRS rules and includes guidelines for how long to keep some of the most common types of PTO and PTA paperwork.

PTO Today Article

Organize Your PTO Work

Parent group leaders share their favorite organization tips for order and efficiency.