Chairing a Committee: The Basics

How to lead a committee, including getting organized, finding the information you need, and engaging volunteers.


Good Committee Management

Give your committees a good name by making sure they have a clearly defined purpose, then empowering the members to achieve it.


Event Evaluation Checklist

Use this self-assessment checklist to decice whether to change or cancel a parent group event or project.


6 Keys to Effective Committees

Try these tips to improve your committee work.


Committee Chair Year-End Report

End-of-year review worksheet for PTO and PTA committee chairpeople—keep track of what went well, what went wrong, and what to tell the next chairperson.

Downloadable Resources

Committees File Exchange

Procedures, forms, tips, and other tools to help PTO and PTA committee chairpeople lead their committees effectively.


Committee Chair Success Tips

In-depth orientation guide to prepare new (or veteran) commmittee chairpeople for a great year.


Cochair Survival Skills

Working in tandem doesn't have to be difficult. Following a few simple guidelines will help you reap the many benefits of having a partner.


How To Deal With Difficult People

Whiners, Know-It-Alls, and Steamrollers: Strategies to cope with even the most hard-to-take personalities.

PTO Today Article

Responding to Criticism

To deal with criticism effectively, leave your emotions out of the conversation.

PTO Today Article

Empowering Committee Chairs

A formal orientation for committee leaders puts veterans and newcomers alike on equal footing, and gets everyone on the same page.

PTO Today Article

Procedures Book: Your PTO's Instruction Manual

Helpful information and resources to create policies and procedures books for your leaders.