Principals & Teachers

What Principals Fear From Parent Groups

Your principal has to carry many responsibilities. Are you adding to them?

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How To Promote Your School Parent Group

How To Promote Your Group (and Why You Should Care)

Is your PTO or PTA struggling to be heard? Raise your profile and celebrate everything your group does with the free resources in our guide, for National School Parent Group Day or any time of year.

Fun Fundraising

How To Do a PTO Duct Tape Fundraiser

Everything you need to hold this fun and popular fundraiser: step-by-step video, detailed instructions and photos, and more.

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Duct-Tape the Principal Flyer

Customizable flyer that can be changed to share your group’s duct-tape fundraiser details. (Principal not included!)

Principals & Teachers

Improve Your Relationship With the Principal

12 tips from a former principal to create and foster a strong relationship with your school administrator.

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Plug Into the Power of TeacherLists

TeacherLists is the smarter way for schools to manage, share, and find supply lists. Use TeacherLists to make back-to-school work better—for everyone.

PTO Today Article

Principal Q&A: Advice for PTOs

Straight answers to your tough questions from our expert, an experienced principal, teacher, and PTO president.

PTO Today Article

Principal Q&A: Advice for PTOs, Part 2

More of your questions answered by our expert, an experienced principal, teacher, and PTO president.

Fundraising Incentives

Fun Principal Incentives To Motivate Students

From kissing pigs to getting tattoos (yes, really), here's how today's principals are helping schools smash their fundraising goals.


How To Work With School Staff

Building good working relationships with school staff takes open communication and mutual respect.

Principals & Teachers

Help Parents Connect With the Principal

For many parents, opportunities to interact with the school principal can be rare. Your parent group can help facilitate connection.


8 Ways To Help Your School

We asked principals to tell us the most important things PTOs and PTAs can do for their school. Here are their top answers.

The Principal

Your Relationship With the Principal

Our best tips on fostering a good relationship with your school's principal that lasts the whole year through.

The Principal

6 Tips for Talking With the Principal

Use these ideas to work more effectively with your school administrator.

PTO Today Article

Advice for New Principals: Value Your PTO

If the leadership is changing at your school, take advantage of the opportunity to find a true partner.

PTO Today Article

How To Work With a New Principal

A change in school leadership is the perfect time to look at the role of the PTO; parent leaders and administrators share how they forge strong relationships.

Principal Q&A

Principal Problems (and Solutions)

Working well with your school’s top administrator is important for PTO and PTA leaders. Here’s how to tackle some common sticking points.