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Build Digital Citizenship With a Family Tech Talk Event

Family Tech Talk: A Free Internet Safety Event for Schools

Help parents at your school learn the risks kids face online.

Free 2024-2025 Calendar

Fun National Holidays and Special Days to Celebrate

From Teacher Appreciation Week to National Rubber Ducky Day (yep, it's a thing...start planning!), here's the ultimate list of special days to celebrate in 2024-2025.

PTO Today Article

What Does a Vice President Do?

The vice president’s role is often the least understood, but the office provides a real opportunity for a motivated PTO leader.


Parent Group Vice President Job Description

An outline of weekly and monthly tasks, characteristics of a good PTO or PTA vice president, and other job requirements.


16 Tips for Executive Board Members

Simple tasks that will make you a better parent group board member.


Chairing a Committee: The Basics

How to lead a committee, including getting organized, finding the information you need, and engaging volunteers.

Video Series

Video: 6 Reality Checks for PTO and PTA Leaders

Key points for super-involved leaders who want to get parents on their side.

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Quiz: Rate Your Leadership Skills

Take the quiz to see what your strengths are as a leader and determine which skills could use some work.

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Three Decisionmaking Methods

These processes for reaching a decision can help parent group leaders get past (or avoid) a stalemate.

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Balancing PTO and Personal Life

It can be challenging to find balance. But a little strategy, a little organization, and a lot of support from friends and family go a long way.

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Public Speaking: Overcome the Jitters

Some advance preparation and a few best practices will help your next presentation go smoothly despite any butterflies.

Expert Guide

Leader's Toolkit

Information on getting organized, getting your group focused, communicating with parents, and more.

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Quiz: Rate Your Involvement IQ

See how your group's attitudes and practices for building parent involvement measure up.

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Build Support for New Ideas

When members resist change, reduce the chance of conflict with patience and understanding.