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PTO 501(c)(3) Toolkit

PTO 501(c)(3) Toolkit

Our comprehensive guide walks you through all the essential legal steps to make your group a successful independent entity.

Free Webinar: Tax Exemption
501(c)(3) Basics for School Parent Groups

501(c)(3) Basics for School Parent Groups

Does your head spin thinking about the IRS and tax-exemption? Our free webinar covers the whats, whys, and hows and answers a ton of frequently asked questions.

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How To Start a PTO

Step-by-step tips for getting a new parent group up and running at your school.

PTO Today Article

Get Your PTO Up and Running

Follow this road map for how to create a successful PTO or PTA. We outline key steps to success, beyond the organizational basics.

Free Incorporation Guide
How To Incorporate a School PTO

How To Incorporate a School PTO

Don’t be intimidated by the process of incorporation! We cover the benefits, information you should know before you start, and the three key steps to follow.

Free Leadership Guide
PTO and PTA New Leader Kit

New Leader? No Problem

All the know-how you need to be an effective and successful parent group leader, including tips for managing difficult people.


PTO Leaders Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re a new leader or a seasoned pro, our leaders cheat sheet has answers to almost any “how do we” question you have. Get the advice, information, and tools you need to run a successful group.

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Creating a Long-Term Plan

Strategic long-term planning can help your group reach its goals.

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Create a Mission Statement

Talking clearly and intentionally about group goals can inspire your PTO and help make decisions to achieve them.

PTO Bylaws

Bylaws/Nonprofit Resources

Articles and tools for understanding your PTO bylaws and becoming a nonprofit group with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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Finance and budgeting resources for school parent groups

Finance & Budget Resources

Tools, tips, and advice on creating a school PTO budget and managing finances from our experts and other parent group leaders.

Expert Guide
PTO Startup Toolkit

PTO Startup Toolkit

Our comprehensive guide walks you through all the essential steps to make your group a successful independent entity.


Parent Group Acronym Logo Clip Art

Logos for PTOs, PTCs, HSAs, PTSOs, PTCs, etc., each in several different colors and two designs. These logos have no school name attached, so they can be used by any group!

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Planning and organization resources for PTOs and PTAs

Planning & Organization Resources

Everything you need to know to get your group organized and running efficiently.

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Officers & Board Resources Page

Everything you need to know and more about serving on your parent group's committees or executive board.


501(c)(3) FAQs for Parent Groups

Answers to frequently asked questions about your PTO’s tax-exempt status, 501(c)(3) rules, and other legal topics.

Video Series

Video: 8 Habits for Successful PTOs and PTAs

Expert advice and practical tips on how to run a successful PTO or PTA, in a nine-part video keynote by Tim.

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What's the difference between PTO and PTA? Does it matter? Expert insight on this issue, including how-tos and FAQs on switching from PTA to PTO.

PTO Today Article

Switching From PTA to PTO

Key steps if your group is planning to change from a PTA to an independent PTO.