Free Download: Guide for PTOs and PTAs on Accepting Electronic Payments


Does your PTO or PTA take payments by credit card? If not, it’s a step you might want to consider—accepting credit cards can significantly increase your income.

What's Inside?

  • Are you ready? Accepting credit card transactions is a step up on the sophistication ladder for a parent group. If you’re thinking of making the transition, here are the factors to consider.
  • How it works. Nuts-and-bolts information on mobile app credit card processing, website payments, order form sales, and much more.
  • Getting started. Everything you need to do once you’ve made the decision to go digital.
  • Financial controls and best practices. Good controls help protect your customers and parent group alike. Here’s what you need to know to minimize risk.
  • Sample forms from our File Exchange to make things simpler.

Download the full Electronic Payment Guide for free.
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