Fun Run Planning Guide

School Fun Run Planning Guide

Fun Run Planning Guide

School fun runs, also commonly called jogathons, walkathons, and fund runs, can be a great way to raise money for your school. They promote fitness and build school spirit, and most important, they get students excited about raising money. Because fun runs involve the whole school, they require a lot of up-front planning. But don’t worry—we have you covered!

Our free Fun Run Planning Guide covers the key steps in planning a fun run fundraiser at your school. You’ll get tips on motivating students to collect pledges, ideas to make your event more fun, and lots of free downloadables you can use to promote your fun run (like pledge sheets, Facebook graphics, and more).

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What’s Inside?

  • An overview of the planning process and a sample timeline
  • Customizable letters to ask businesses to sponsor your event
  • Suggestions for motivating students to get more pledges
  • Ideas for making the actual run more fun, including themes, special laps, and off-track activities
  • Free downloadables, including flyers, pledge sheets, lap cards, race bibs, clip art, and graphics you can use to promote your fun run on Facebook
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