Canva Template

Year in Review PTO and PTA Graphic (Canva Template)

A "year in review" graphic is a great visual that shows parents how much your group raised over the course of the year and how funds were (or will be) used.

Free Printable

Because Every New President Deserves a Winning Ticket

The perfect welcome gift for newly elected PTO and PTA Presidents...all you need is a printer and a sense of humor!

Free Calendar

Fun National Holidays and Special Days to Celebrate

From Teacher Appreciation Week to National Rice Krispie Treat Day, here's the ultimate list of special days to celebrate during the 2024-2025 school year.

Planning for Next Year

7 Tasks for New PTO Presidents

Checklist of tasks for newly elected presidents to take care of before the end of the school year.

PTO Today Article

How To Be a Successful PTO President

Tips and advice for new PTO and PTA presidents.

Just Elected

PTO President Checklist

Breaking your work as PTO President into manageable chunks can help you have a successful year. This checklist of tasks will make it easier to accomplish!


23 Dos and Don'ts for Presidents

Get off to a fast start and keep the momentum going all year long with our list of essential dos and don'ts for leaders.

Shake Things Up!

20+ Fun PTO Ideas To Try

From cereal drive domino runs to stuff a school mascot events, can you get through this list without wanting to do at least one?

Protect Your Group

PTO Insurance: What You Should Know

School parent groups and booster clubs need PTO insurance to protect their groups and their officers. Whether you already have insurance or you’re new to the conversation, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

Free Leadership Guide
PTO and PTA New Leader Kit

New Leader? No Problem

All the know-how you need to be an effective and successful parent group leader, including tips for managing difficult people.


Parent Group President Job Description

An outline of weekly and monthly tasks, characteristics of a good PTO or PTA president, and other job requirements.

PTO Today Article

23 Essential Tips for Presidents

What you should know about your group's finances, how to build a strong executive board, and tips for recruiting committee chairpeople.

Free Parent Event
Build Digital Citizenship With a Family Tech Talk Event

Family Tech Talk: A Free Internet Safety Event for Schools

Help parents at your school learn the risks kids face online.

Executive Board

Build a Strong Executive Board

Working to create a cohesive board now can pay off in long-term success for your parent group.

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Free and Cheap Leadership Resources for PTOs and PTAs

Learn from experts while you’re on the go or scrolling through social media.

PTO Today Article

Quiz: Rate Your Leadership Skills

Take the quiz to see what your strengths are as a leader and determine which skills could use some work.

Expert Guide

Leader's Toolkit

Information on getting organized, getting your group focused, communicating with parents, and more.

PTO Today Article

Don’t Burn Out Your Board!

Creating an organized and energized PTO board can help you have a great year. These tips will help you all get moving in the same direction.

PTO Today Article

Responding to Criticism

To deal with criticism effectively, leave your emotions out of the conversation.

PTO Today Article

Three Decisionmaking Methods

These processes for reaching a decision can help parent group leaders get past (or avoid) a stalemate.

PTO Today Article

Public Speaking: Overcome the Jitters

Some advance preparation and a few best practices will help your next presentation go smoothly despite any butterflies.

PTO Today Article

Balancing PTO and Personal Life

It can be challenging to find balance. But a little strategy, a little organization, and a lot of support from friends and family go a long way.