End-of-School-Year Guide for PTOs and PTAs

End of School Year Guide

How did it get to be end of school year time? One day you’re hosting a boohoo/yahoo breakfast, and the next thing you know you’re juggling elections, a fun run, next year’s budget, and the volunteer thank-you breakfast. All those balls in the air can make any leader feel a bit overwhelmed.

Our free end-of-school-year guide will help you make sense of all your tasks and year-end activities so you never drop that ball. Get organized, wrap up your finances, transition new officers, show appreciation to volunteers and staff, and plan for next year before your school’s summer break so you can spend your free time over the summer with your family.

Inside the End of School Year Guide:

Nuts and Bolts
Practical, step-by-step tips and checklists to organize paperwork, close out the fiscal year and conduct financial reviews, and plan ahead.

After the Election: Info for New Officers
Whether recently elected parents are new to the board or simply hold a new office, our expert advice will help you smoothly transition PTO work when there’s a change in leadership.

Appreciation: Volunteers and Teachers
We’ve compiled many of our best appreciation ideas and tips to help recognize and thank your volunteers and staff at year’s end.

Think Ahead to Next Year
What you can do in the next few months to plan for the next term before your board and volunteers disappear for the summer.

Take the Guesswork Out of Year-End Planning and Organization

The end of the school year can be as busy—if not busier—than back-to-school. Just thinking about what needs to be done during the last few months of school can make parent group leaders feel anxious with no idea where to start.

Our guide gives you a starting point and much more. It takes the stress and guesswork out of what tasks should be done, when to do what, and how to do them. There’s something in it for everyone on your board, so encourage your officers to get their own guide. The checklists, expert advice, step-by-step instructions, samples, ideas, and other resources in the guide will help you focus on wrapping up end-of-school-year activities before break, so you and your officers can make time over the summer to relax. You’ll come back reenergized and ready to do more great work for your school!

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