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Parent Involvement 101

Our new series of virtual educational sessions is kicking off on Sept. 29 with Parent Involvement 101! We’ll share expert advice and best practices during this free 1-hour session. Graduates will receive a certificate, downloadable guide, and free T-shirt*. Save your seat!

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Becoming a Great Leader

Even if you have no experience, you can be an effective leader. Just play to your strengths.

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Rate Your Leadership Skills

Take the quiz to see what your strengths are as a leader and determine which skills could use some work.


6 Ways To Be a Successful Leader

Quick tips for leadership success.

Free Leadership Guide
PTO and PTA New Leader Kit

New Leader? No Problem

All the know-how you need to be an effective and successful parent group leader, including tips for managing difficult people.


Your Toughest Leadership Challenges Tackled

We asked and you told us—here’s what leaders say are the key ways to strengthen leadership skills.

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Free Leadership Resources for PTOs and PTAs

Learn from leadership experts while you’re on the go or even doing chores around the house.

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From Controversy to Consensus

The way you handle the decisionmaking process can determine whether a difficult issue grows into an acrimonious fight.


How To Deal With Difficult People

Whiners, Know-It-Alls, and Steamrollers: Strategies to cope with even the most hard-to-take personalities.


Polish Your Delegation Skills

Doing it all yourself leads to burnout—and isn't good for your parent group, either.

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When No One Steps Up To Lead

Tips for finding new leaders, even if folks aren’t stepping up.

Expert Guide

Leader's Toolkit

Information on getting organized, getting your group focused, communicating with parents, and more.


10 Questions for Potential Leaders

Are you interested in being a leader? Before you take the plunge, ask yourself these 10 important questions.


Building a Leader Network

When it comes to building a network, take a look around. You'll find help in places you might not expect.

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Making Smart Decisions as PTO Leaders

Fear of controversy often pushes us to the status quo. But you can make good decisions for your PTO or PTA without alienating members.

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What I Wish I Knew

We asked our Facebook community what they wish they’d known before becoming a PTO leader. Here’s what they had to say.

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Help Prepare New Officers for Success

With good planning and communication, you can help ensure a quick and easy leadership transition.

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Developing New PTO and PTA Leaders

It takes ongoing effort to cultivate the parents who will run the group after you retire.

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Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Good leadership and effective management call for different skills. Depending on the situation, you'll need to decide which of those skills to employ.


A Key To Avoiding PTO Burnout: Take a Breather

Remembering to give yourself a break is essential to the long-term success of your group.


How To React to Critics

Is there anything more annoying than disapproving comments from people who never help? But as a leader, you can deal with them positively.

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Prevent Burnout in Your PTO

Learn how to recognize the signs of burnout in your volunteers, how to eliminate it, and how to keep it from happening again.


Hold an Officers Retreat in the Summer

Spending a few hours together during the summer can help your group bond and be more organized and energized when school starts.

Video Series

8 Habits for Successful PTOs and PTAs

Expert advice and practical tips on how to run a successful PTO or PTA, in a nine-part video keynote by Tim.

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Pep Up Your Parent Group

Is your parent group in a rut? Here's how to get out of it.

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Stop the PTO Drama

Drama seems like a fact of PTO life—but it doesn’t have to be.

Video Series

6 Reality Checks for PTO and PTA Leaders

Key points for super-involved leaders who want to get parents on their side.

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Managing Personality Conflicts

Minimize conflict with insight into how different personality styles work best.

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Public Speaking: Overcome the Jitters

Some advance preparation and a few best practices will help your next presentation go smoothly despite any butterflies.

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Balancing PTO and Personal Life

It can be challenging to find balance. But a little strategy, a little organization, and a lot of support from friends and family go a long way.

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Are You Ready To Lead?

Being an effective parent group leader requires a commitment to the big picture and a willingness to let others help achieve those goals.

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Visibility: A Leadership Challenge

You've done the work—do people know about it? Getting your group's name and message out to a wide audience, in the right way, is an essential part of success.

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Find Your Leadership Style

The best leaders recognize their natural tendencies and use that knowledge to respond appropriately in different situations.