Community Trails Cleanup

Reach out to town or city officials about which local trails could use some attention, and ask volunteers to come prepared to do some weeding, raking, and trash pickup.

Playground Housekeeping

See whether your school playground could use a spruce-up (painting, cleaning, planting, etc.). If not, ask the local parks department whether it needs volunteers for parks projects.

Planting or Beautification

Add a splash of color to the school grounds, or ask a local gardening group whether they know of other areas that could use the help.

Summer Clothing Drive

Work with a local organization to find out its areas of greatest need, and set up convenient collection points for donations.

Yard Cleanup for Seniors

Ask volunteers to donate a few hours to post-winter yard cleanup for older people; reach out to an elder services organization to find residents who would be interested.

Bike and Outdoor Toy Drive

Ask for donations of used bicycles and new or gently used outdoor toys, and work with a local bike shop to make repairs. Donate the bikes and toys to an organization for children in need.

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