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Free Enrichment Guide
Guide to Supporting STEAM and STEM Learning for PTOs and PTAs

Guide to Supporting STEAM and STEM Learning

PTOs and PTAs can play a big role in supporting STEAM and STEM learning at school. Our free guide has hands-on activities, tips for finding experts, and more!

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How To Run a School Readathon

Tips and tools for putting together a readathon or other educational fundraiser.

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Makerspace Basics

These fun and flexible areas can help students develop creative and analytical thinking skills.

Free Download: Family Event Kit
Family Science Night: 20+ STEM Activities To Spark Imagination

Family Science Night: Spark Imagination

Use our free kit to plan an awesome night of STEAM and STEM activities at school, with complete supply lists and instructions for more than 20 activities, handouts to continue the learning at home, and promotional tools.

Art Enrichment Ideas

10 Ways To Bring Art Appreciation to Students

Painting, drawing, and other art forms are the basis for awesome enrichment activities from school parent groups.

Keep Up the STEM Learning

10 STEM Activities To Do at Home Using Household Items

Got some downtime with the kids? Here are 10 family-approved STEM activities to try, many using common household items.

Academics & Enrichment

12 Ideas To Get Your School Reading

PTOs and PTAs can play an important role in promoting and encouraging literacy.

Academics & Enrichment

It’s Academic! 10 Event Ideas Tied to the Curriculum

Great ideas for events that put the emphasis on both fun and learning.

Academics & Enrichment

Cool Enrichment Ideas for PTOs

Try one (or all!) of these parent-group-tested ideas to make learning more exciting for kids.


How Your PTO Can Help Raise Test Scores

Boosting test scores is a priority for many schools. Here are academic project ideas to help students prepare for standardized testing.


Recyclart Art Event

See how one school came up with an innovative way to use junk.


How Parent Groups Support Academics

From helping with basic needs to providing academic enrichment, there are many ways PTOs and PTAs work with teachers to help students learn.

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How PTOs Bring Arts Enrichment to Schools

Budget cuts have taken a toll on arts education in many school districts. But parent groups have found fun and creative ways to promote the arts.


Ideas To Promote Reading

Observed on March 3, Read Across America Day is a good opportunity to promote reading. Here are some fun program ideas you can do this spring to support literacy at your school.


PTOs and the School Technology Gap

Parent groups are a major source of technology funding at schools. How can you help without breaking the bank?

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One Year, 2 Million Minutes Spent Reading

A PTO program that inspires students to hit the books earned this group the 2014 Parent Group of the Year award for Outstanding Focus on Academics & Enrichment.

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New England's Best School Field Trips

Parent groups often have a big hand in executing successful school field trips. Here are some of the best that New England has to offer.

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How PTOs Make Their School Music Programs Sing

From paying for teacher time to organizing performances, parent groups help bridge the gaps in music education.

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Racing To Read

The Iditarod, a major hometown event, serves as the inspiration for a schoolwide literacy program.

Character Education

Ideas That Raise Students' Social Awareness

These parent group projects help kids learn about community and their place in it.

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Young Chefs Promote Healthy Eating

An annual recipe contest at a Minnesota elementary school gets students excited about trying new foods.