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Bake Sales Step by Step

A bake sale can raise money for your group as well as enhance your profile in the community. These ideas and planning tips will help you have a great one, start to finish.

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Add a Creative Touch to Your Bake Sale

A chocolate chip cookie will sell itself, but you can have an even more successful event with a little creativity.

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Have a Healthier Bake Sale

Giving your bake sale a healthy edge doesn’t have to mean less fun, fewer customers, or lower profits.


School Bake Sale Clip Art

Use these free high-resolution images to promote your school bake sale online or in print.

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Bake Sale Flyer

Simple, reproducible color flyer to publicize your parent group's school bake sale.

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Every Bake Sale Needs a Signature Item

Spice up your bake sale offerings with an original, unexpected treat that parents and kids can’t find anywhere else.

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Green Your Bake Sale

Lots of baking doesn’t have to mean lots of waste. Reduce your footprint with these tips.

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Bake Sale Shopping List

Whether it’s napkins for wiping sugary fingers or a tablecloth to make the display look nice, there are a few things you’ll need besides the sweet treats.

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Bake Sale Supplies List

Tables, signs, trash cans, and everything else to help your sale come off without a hitch.