Pro Tips for an Awesome DIY Pledge Drive Fundraiser


What you need to know to get more families involved and raise more money

Pro Tips for an Awesome DIY Pledge Drive or Fun Run Fundraiser

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What’s Covered in the DIY Pledge Fundraiser Pro Tips Webinar:

What Really Matters for a Pledge Drive
There are a lot of nice-to-haves, but only two important areas to focus on if you’re just not sure where to start.

11 Pro Tips for an Awesome Pledge Fundraiser
From timelines and committees to fundraising goals and tracking to getting school staff, parents, and kids excited, we break it down for you.

Q&A With 99Pledges
Vinay Anne, cofounder of 99Pledges, answered questions from our live webinar attendees about running a any type of pledge drive, using the platform, and more.

More Information
Download a PDF of the webinar slides, plus a handout of fun run power tips from 99Pledges!


Pledge Drive Fundraisers: The Basics

One of the most popular pledge fundraisers is the fun run, also called a jogathon. There are loads of variations out there, whether it’s costumes (like a zombie run), the type of activity (running, dancing, reading, etc.), outdoors, indoors, and so on. While there are a lot of details to an event like this, your group can run it successfully without using a full-service platform (and paying very high fees).

If you’re a group that’s struggling to find enough volunteers, you can still pull off a DIY pledge drive. A spellathon, for example, is easy to put together and can be done with very few volunteers, plus it has that element of directly supporting student learning. On the logistical end of things, stick to the basics—while T-shirts are nice, they aren’t a must-have. Instead of trying to plan a dedicated kickoff assembly, ask the principal if you can have a few extra minutes to get students excited during morning announcements. And get a bullhorn for announcements during your event so you won’t need an audiovisual expert to set up speakers and microphones.

On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to have lots of volunteers, add some extras to your fun run rather than turning away willing parents. Assign someone to recruit local celebrities to participate on the day of your event or to increase the excitement leading up to it. Or reach out to local business owners to sponsor part of your event, such as providing those T-shirts or underwriting the costs of refreshments if you’re doing a jog/walk/run.


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