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Middle School PTO: A Blueprint for Success

An in-depth look at what works and what doesn’t in middle school, and how middle school PTOs and PTAs are different from elementary school parent groups.

Free Enrichment Guide
Guide to Supporting STEAM and STEM Learning for PTOs and PTAs

Guide to Supporting STEAM and STEM Learning

PTOs and PTAs can play a big role in supporting STEAM and STEM learning at school. Our free guide has hands-on activities, tips for finding experts, and more!

Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition

Reengage Parents With a Free Virtual Internet Safety Event

From cat memes to TikTok, what are kids up to online? Sign up to have an Internet safety expert run this FREE virtual event for your school's parents.

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Defining the Role of a PTO

What role should your PTO play? That answer will change as the needs of your school community change.

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Middle School: A Role for Parents

Involvement can be a harder sell in middle school, but there are still plenty of ways parents can participate.

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6 Keys to Middle School Involvement

Parent involvement in middle school is different, but still important. Here's how to make the most of it.

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Community Service Project Ideas for Middle School Students

Community service for preteens and teens is becoming a requirement at many middle schools. Here’s how to make that volunteer time really mean something to your child.

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Middle School Event Ideas

Check out these school events and activities ideas that work at the middle school level.

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34 Success Tips for Middle School PTOs

No question, middle school is different from elementary school, and not just for the kids. These tips will help your middle school PTO or PTA thrive.

Middle School

Communication for Middle School PTOs

Middle school parent group leaders share the messages and communication strategies that have helped them build involvement.

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Adjusting to Middle School Involvement

Ways to maintain an active role even after the kids get older.


Middle School PTO Promo Poster

Use this customizable poster to spread the word about your PTO to your child's middle school.

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Dodgeball Tournament Is a Big Hit

An Oklahoma PTO taps into kids’ love of an old-fashioned game for big fun (and profit).

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Students Learn Business Skills at Ices Shop

A trio of PTOs gives students the opportunity to run a local business for a day.