Parent Group of the Year

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During the 14 years that we've organized PGY, we've often felt that every group that takes the time to enter deserves recognition. Each group has exceptional accomplishments, and choosing the winners is extremely difficult.


We want to shine a spotlight on the great work being done by parent groups at elementary and middle schools across the country—work that goes unappreciated too often. Besides the National Parent Group of the Year winner, there are 7 categories plus a Judges' Choice category so we can celebrate more of your success stories. Enter in as many categories as you'd like; we'll automatically consider you for the National Parent Group of the Year award. Learn about the 2013 winners!


National Parent Group of the Year
The Parent Group of the Year has superior all-around involvement efforts and emphasizes a variety of accomplishments and activities, including family events.

Judges' Choice
A parent group that shows overall outstanding effort or outstanding focus in a particular program or event area, selected by the judges from among the entries.

Outstanding Parent Group at a Small School (200 students or fewer)
Creatively supports parent involvement and student achievement, even with a limited base of volunteers.

Outstanding Parent Group at a Private or Parochial School
Religious or secular school parent group that shows a commitment to school/home connections.

Outstanding Focus on Academics & Enrichment
An event or program that supplemented the school’s offerings in the arts or a curriculum area, or supported goals for improvement in those areas.

Outstanding Family Event
An activity for parents and kids together, especially if it also enhances families' connection to the school.

Outstanding Major Project or Program
A special effort to enhance any aspect of teaching, learning, or student recreation, especially if it has a unique impact at your school.

Outstanding Outreach to a Diverse School Community
Successfully and consistently involves parents and families from different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc., in the group’s efforts and activities throughout the year.

Outstanding Community Service Project
A project spearheaded by the parent group, with involvement by students, parents, faculty, and/or administrators to benefit others.