Definitely seeing this issue pop up more often these days -- the case of parents objecting when their kids are left out of fundraising rewards events or assemblies.

Now, I fully realize that rewards programs make fundraisers more effective.  And I also am not one that believes that every reward must be shared equally by every child, regardless of participation.  That said, though, I can see these parents' point.  There are so many fundraiser rewards options that don't involve singling out the non-participating kids for an obvious miss.  Especially if that's during the school day.

If there's a school-day assembly that 348 kids can go to and 28 can't -- I think that's the wrong way to go.  Not only is it a bit punitive to those 28 (it's their school day, too), i think it can really hurt a PTO or PTA's efforts to become known as the welcoming (of all) group that's focused on involvement. In this North Carolina case, for example, I can't imagine those aggrieved parents will be volunteering for (or attending) the next family event. And I don't imagine they're feeling particularly connected to or involved with school these days.

Dicey issue.  What are your thoughts?