Our sister site, SchoolFamily.com has launched a fun, new community! This is a great place to ask questions or share ideas about ways to help your kids succeed in school. Why not head over and join the conversation?

What do you think is the right amount of screen time, each day, for your kids over the summer?
Join the "How much time to let your kids play on computer, xbox, etc." group.

Do you have some suggestions on how to keep your children learning over the summer?

Would you like share some ideas on how to keep your middle school kids busy this summer?

These are just a few highlights to get you started. You'll find LOTS more groups, discussions, and Questions and Answers once you jump in. Most importantly, you'll connect with parents with similar situations. Once you're in our community be sure to look for me, Lisa Gundlach, and add me as your "friend". Look forward to seeing you online at the SchoolFamily.com community!