That's why I like this new promotion from Symantec so much. Last year, we worked with Symantec on a new Internet safety program called OnlineFamily.Norton (you can read a really positive review from USA Today), and this fall -- in conjunction with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month -- they're making it worthwhile to introduce this free program to all your school families.

It's called the Norton Cyber Safe Challenge (you can register your group online for the Challenge), and it's basically a contest to see which groups can encourage the most families to protect their kids online. Two things I especially like: big-time awards (thousands of dollars for winning groups), and every group and every family wins simply because more kids are protected.

Again, all the details for the program are on the Cyber Safe Challenge website. Once you register your group, you'll get a custom code and custom flyers you can use to promote this nice offer to your families. Good luck!