In Elon, N.C., a PTO fundraising campaign at an elementary school will be shut down in response to a grandparent’s complaint that it was “discriminatory.’’

The parent group had offered a program in which parents could make either a one-time $500 donation or a monthly $45 donation and, in exchange, would get either front-row seating at events or front-door drop off for their kids. Or, they could make a one-time donation of $1,000 or $85 a month for both perks.The grandparent objected, stating this program treated families differently based on the money they could (or could not) pay for primo seats or drop-off spots.

The Elon Elementary School responded by saying the program would wrap up this year and not continue next year. The grandparent said he was unhappy that it would not be suspended immediately and planned to issue a complaint to the State Board of Education.

The parent group defended the program saying it was “parent driven,’’ and was an attempt to do something different from the same old fundraisers. The group said the proceeds from this year’s program helped pay part of an art teacher’s salary and for 40 computers for the school’s new computer lab.  Also, it added that people of all income levels participated in the program.

What are your thoughts? Would your group support this program?