As the end of the school year gets closer, we're starting to hear more from groups wondering about those year-end budget questions, like "Are we allowed to carry over money to next year?

The answer: an unqualified yes. In fact, we here at PTO Today think it's a great idea to purposely save some funds for the following fall if you can, so you can start off the year with some great (free!) programs for families -- not kick off with a fundraiser first thing. If you don't usually carry over funds, it might take some rejiggering or advance planning to make it happen for this year. But if you're able to pull it off, it'll make the beginning of next school year more fun for your school's families, and for your group's leaders, too. More important, you'll send the message to parents that your group is about more than just fundraising. That message will make a difference in your efforts to build involvement.

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