At PTO Today, we always talk about "PTO and PTA leaders." Yes, that's folks like presidents and treasurers and recording secretaries. But in our world, it's also the parent who attends a lot of meetings and has great ideas, the mom who is really starting to get active (and is highly likely to be an officer next year), and the dad who always chairs your spring fair.

And we also know that each year, that group of core leaders changes.

We have articles on just about every conceivable PTO or PTA challenge. We have free resources for running family events. And perhaps most important, we communicate at least every month with a new resource, new offer, or special opportunity for your group. If your leaders aren't connected, then your group and your school will miss out!

Each new leader can register for more info. Or one volunteer can register all your leaders. It's that simple.

Once you do this, your group will be sure to receive all the insight and announcements that can help you do your essential work even more effectively.