For most PTOs, bragging is not in their DNA. But what if I told you that a bit of bragging could help your kids and your school and your group in a big, big way?

When it comes to our annual Parent Group of the Year search, that's exactly the case. You don't apply for the pats on the back, you apply because the recognition can really energize your group and help you do even more for your school in the years ahead.

Oh yeah -- and the prizes are pretty great, too. This year's sponsor, Labels for Education, is offering $3,000 plus 100,000 Labels for Education points to the grand prize winner.

And lest you think only the "amazingest" supergroups have any chance, that's just not the case. We have categories for just about everyone. And groups of all shapes and sizes have been honored in the past. See for yourself in our Parent Group of the Year archives.

One thing -- our deadline is coming up on June 3, so the time is now for getting an entry form in. More details and the entry form are available on our website.

My advice: Take the time to brag a little. And share your bragging with your whole school community. Folks are attracted to success, and a little self-marketing can go a long way in advancing the perception of your group.

Here are some more ideas to inspire you:

Good luck!