This week, I have a little PTO popcorn for you: five links -- all very different -- that can send you off in some very useful web directions:

1. Whether you're a new volunteer or an old, grizzled veteran, take a minute to read my "A Tale of Two Volunteers" column. It's all about wearing the other's moccasins.

2. On Twitter and into parent involvement? Check out Joe Mazza, a Pennsylvania principal who is a huge advocate of parent involvement. And maybe review his weekly Parent-Teacher Chat (#PTchat) Twitter conversations.

3. Get your school's school supply lists posted on TeacherLists. It's a great resource for parents and teachers and -- right now -- offers lots of great rewards (free stuff!) for getting involved.

4. Have you seen all the great stuff for PTOs and PTAs on our Pinterest? It's quickly becoming a key tool for parent groups.

5. Nice cause for 2013-14: Check out what Share Our Strength is doing with schools and hunger.

Have a great week!