Kids Are the Winners in the Box Tops Rumble

by Rose Hamilton


It looks like Amy Gromada, principal of West Middle School in Westminster, Md., will be donning her rival’s T-shirt now that East Middle School has been declared the winner in the box tops competition these two schools held in May.

The two schools earned $2,651.90 in just one month of collecting box tops! So we certainly agree when Mary Bendel-Simso, box tops coordinator at West Middle, says “everyone is a winner.’’

Amy Gromada, West Middle's principal, (left) will be wearing the East Middle T-shirt next week!

We wrote about this East-West face off a few weeks ago when the two schools were in a tight race.

The raw numbers show that East Middle collected 16, 517 box tops, while West brought in 10,002 during the four-week competition. Shows you what can happen when there’s a fun and new way to motivate students and their families.

Based on the rumble’s rules, the principal of the losing school would wear the winning school’s T-shirt and also declare that the winning school “rocks.’’ Bendel-Simso says Gromada plans to live up to her commitment next week.

What’s great about this story is it gave lots of PTOs a new idea to get their school communities interested in raising funds. The principals were great sports, and that’s often key to making a program like this successful. And based on the response this story received on Facebook, we suspect there will be more box top rumbles next year!


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