We look forward to back-to-school season for lots of reasons, including the fact that we get to announce the Parent Group of the Year winners! This year’s batch of winners was impressive, as always. Each story is bound to inspire readers—we know that the judges (that’s us!) were certainly moved by the many groups that work so hard on behalf of their schools and families and truly make a difference.

Here’s a quick rundown of the winners. We have a profile of each winner in our September issue and
each story is published on our site.

  • National Parent Group of the Year: Mariposa Elementary PTA, Redlands, Calif. This group was our Parent Group of the Year winner because it motivated and inspired students to take part in an impressive yearlong fitness initiative while also carrying out its usual wide array of programs, events, and fundraisers.

  • Judge’s Choice: Knapp Elementary Home & School Association, Lansdale, Pa.This group was recognized for its use of technology to build parent involvement and support a thriving school community.

  • Outstanding Job on a Completed Major Project: Washington Irving Elementary PTO, Oak Park, Ill. This award was given because of the group’s long-term commitment to provide a safe place for children to play.

  • Outstanding Academics & Enrichment Effort: Weatherstone Elementary PTA, Cary, N.C. We recognized this group for its yearlong effort to provide science enrichment as well as a communitywide STEM event.

  • Outstanding Parent Group at a Private or Parochial School: St. Joseph School Men’s Club, Wilmette, Ill. This group was recognized for its story of two fathers creating a 100-plus group of men who actively support the school.

  • Outstanding Effort To Overcome Adversity: McGavock Elementary PTO, Nashville, Tenn. This group overcame a loss of money and then worked hard to rebuild the group—and regain the school’s trust.

  • Outstanding Community Service Project: Nate Perry Elementary PTO, Liverpool, N.Y. We recognized this group’s effort to created a food pantry initiative that included giving needy students food-filled backpacks to take home on the weekends.

  • Outreach to a Multicultural Parent Base: James G. Blaine Elementary PTA, Chicago. This group was recognized for student participation in art workshops that helped create a special cultural experience for the community.

  • Outstanding Parent Group at a Small School: Academy of St. Adalbert Parent Teacher Unit, Berea, Ohio. This group created substantial parent involvement and was successful in supporting inclusion programs.

  • Outstanding Family Event: Sand Lake Elementary PTA, Orlando, Fla. We recognized this group’s CSI-style Mystery Science Night that showed science being used in a practical way.