Now is a good time to contact volunteers for your winter and spring activities. And it's always a good time to make sure you're doing the things that make your volunteers want to come back:

  • Be ready for them. There's nothing worse for volunteers than to sign up and clear their calendars, only to stand around at an event because tasks aren't clearly defined. 

  • Listen to their suggestions. There's more than one way to do most jobs well. Focus on the outcome rather than on the process.

  • Show appreciation and ask for feedback. Don't wait for a specific event or even a specific reason to thank your volunteers. Taking the time to really thank members for their efforts can motivate them to do even more great work for your school. And gathering feedback -- What worked? What didn't? How did that go for you? -- will help your efforts, as well as make your volunteers feel valued and appreciated.

We have lots of great resources on getting, and keeping, volunteers: