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San Antonio, TX

February 2019
Our old school was using and we brought the concept to new school and just started using. Love what I have seen and look forward to what will be. Kids and parents get so excited! The sell and trade site is helpful, too bexause sometimes you need quickly or different quantities. Great idea and tool for motivating kids!!!
February 2019
Our students love seeing the new designs and growing their collections. Such a great idea for incentives.
February 2019
We absolutely love spirit monkey. We sell these to students around holidays and we also allow teachers to have them to give for incentives for our students to recieve.
January 2019
Our students Love the spirit sticks. We sell them in our spirit stire that we have each six weeks. We also use them as rewards that the school staff can give out and it really makes the kids feel proud of themselves.
January 2019
High quality rewards and incentives. Easy to sell some to pay for the giveaways. On-trend ideas keep products fresh and desirable.
January 2019
We started up a school store using Spirit Monkey Spirit Sticks a few years ago. Our main goal was for the store to generate enough profit to support itself and provide incentives for our staff and students. The store has been a great success and our kiddos love all of the different spirit sticks!
January 2019
Spirit Monkey spirit sticks are awesome! They are great to use as rewards and incentives, for giveaways, or just randomly to encourage students. I love the wide variety to choose from. I always have a hard time narrowing my choices down. i want to buy them all!
September 2018
This is our 4th year with Spirit Monkey. Love working with them. The kids love the spirit sticks. The parents and teachers do as well. We have even provided for some extra-curricular and the kids love that they can get them at some other random times.
May 2018
Spirit Monkey is a fantastic business. I love the tags and the students do as well!
February 2018
Our students LOVE the spirit sticks from Spirit Monkey!! They are always excited to see the new ones that we receive. We do Spirit Grams in lieu of candy grams for different holidays and it has been a huge success. Our kids have competitions amongst each other in regards to their spirit sticks. They are always counting them and trying to make sure that they have more than anyone else!!! I definitely recommend these to anyone interested!!!!
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