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A Year's Worth of School Appreciation Gift Tags & Signs (Free Mega-Bundle)

A Year's Worth of School Appreciation Gift Tags & Signs (Free Mega-Bundle)

If anyone can make the most basic bag of pretzels feel extra special (dare we say...bougie on a budget?), it's a PTO leader.

by Kerri Beauchesne


From Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10, 2024) to School Custodian Recognition Day (Oct. 2, 2024), there's no shortage of celebratory moments throughout the school year. The good news is appreciation doesn't have to cost a fortune! Pair our printable tags and signs with budget-friendly snacks and treats for staff appreciation, back-to-school, kindergarten Boohoo Yahoo events, parent teacher conferences, volunteer recruitment, and more. We’ve curated 25+ treat tags and signs into the ultimate mega-bundle for school parent groups. Bonus: most are editable, so you can customize from your PTO or PTA!


1. We “wheelie” appreciate you! Thank you for the miles and miles you go for our students!

Bus Driver Appreciation Day is Feb. 22, 2024, but some school districts celebrate during School Bus Safety Week in October. Pair this cute gift tag for bus drivers with a gift bag or bucket full of yellow snacks and drinks! 

2. Kindergarten Boohoo Yahoo “tissues and kisses” Poem

Pair this sweet poem with a pack of tissues and Hershey's kisses. Customize it with PTO meeting details so that new parents can attend! 

3. “We know you’re pooped. Only a few more weeks of school!”

Chocolate "poop emoji" cupcakes with a funny "We know you're pooped" sign will give teachers a much-needed laugh at the end of the year!

4. “Thanks for making our school sparkle. We’d be a mess without you!”

Custodian Appreciation Day is Oct. 2, 2023. Pair with a basket of your custodians' favorite treats or a gift card.

5. Sip sip hooray, coffee and treats on us today (door tag)

Teachers select the coffee and treats they’d like, then hang the tag on their classroom doors for the PTO to deliver. 

6. “Bee Happy, Bee Healthy” (Wellness Bar signs)

Set up healthy snacks, beverages (like “immuni-tea”), and self-care items to help teachers kick back with a little self-care.

7. Thanks for making this year a “succ”ess!

Adorn this sweet tag to individually potted mini succulents for teachers. Many PTO groups have secured succulents and other plants from Lowe’s for Teacher Appreciation Week (more PTO secrets here), so it's worth asking your local store about a donation.

8. “Thank you for keeping our students on the trail to success!” (Trail Mix Bar sign)

Display this sign with a variety of self-serve sweet and salty munchies. Invite your teachers to grab a cup and mix it up!

9. Welcome to the PTO/PTA Survival Kit

Affix to a snarky candy bar like a 100 Grand (for all those fundraisers they’ll be helping with!) or beverage of choice. Or create swag bags filled hand sanitizer, gum, pens, Sharpies, zip ties (IYKYK!), Post-It notes, chocolate, etc.

10. Our school would be “muffin” without you!

Great for Pastries with Parents or a teacher appreciation breakfast cart.

11. Thanks a choco-lot for all that you do!

There’s nothing like surprising teachers in the middle of the school day with a chocolate bar or hot cocoa in a to-go cup!

12. Any way you slice it, our teachers and staff are the best!

Pair boxed mini pies with individual forks, some ribbon, and this treat tag for a thoughtful Thanksgiving teacher appreciation treat or a fun Pi Day (March 14) snack.

13. Time to WRAP UP the year! (Sign)

Set up complimentary rolls of wrapping paper, bows, and tape before sending teachers off on holiday break.

14. School Supply Bar (Signs)

Teachers are the highlight of the school, the write stuff…we could go on! Invite teachers to grab a bag and stock up on extra supplies at back-to-school or in January when classroom supplies dry up.

15. We’re so lucky to have families like yours at our school

These rainbow treat tags are great for St. Patrick’s Day or a Wizard of Oz themed school movie night.

16. You make us “pop” with appreciation! (treat tags and popcorn bar sign)

Set up a self-serve popcorn bar with all the toppings, or pair treat tags with individual bags of popcorn for teacher appreciation or National Popcorn Day (January 19).

17. Happy 100th day of school! You’re 100 days smarter!

Paired with a healthier or “good for you” snack, this is a fun way to reward students on the 100th day of school.

18. "For a TEArrific teacher"

Individually packed biscotti and a tea bag are a sweet afternoon pick-me-up.

19. For a “Souper” teacher

Just add a can of soup, a spoon, and some ribbon! Extra points if served the week before the Super Bowl.

20. Superhero water bottle labels

Print and wrap around standard size water bottles for a fun superhero theme teacher appreciation lunch.

21. You take the cake! Thanks for being a great teacher

We've never met a teacher who didn't love a surprise mini bundt cake or cupcake!

22. We're in good hands with you!

What teacher couldn’t use an extra bottle of soap, hand sanitizer, or hand lotion for their desk?

23. Thanks a latte for all you do

Pair with a mug and a gift card to a local coffee shop.

24.“There’s a full moon this week? I had no idea!” –No teacher ever

Pair with individual moon pies and distribute to teachers the day before a full moon. This is a fun one for October! (Looking for a list of full moon dates during the school year? We’ve got you covered below!)

2023 full moons: January 6, February 5, March 7, April 6, May 5, June 3, July 3, August 1, August 30, September 29, October 28, November 27, December 26

2024 full moons: January 25, February 24, March 25, April 23, May 23, June 21, July 21, August 19, September 17, October 17, November 15, December 15

25. You are oFISHally the best!

Just add individual bag of goldfish or Swedish fish before customizing this treat for teachers or students.

26. Friends-theme “We were on a break”

Wrap Kit Kats in these custom wrappers for a fun Friends-theme teacher appreciation celebration.

27. “A few things to help you take care” (teacher self-care kit)

Add tea, lip balm, chocolate and other self-care items to a mason jar for teachers. Get easy step-by-step instructions plus a list of suggested items to include.

28. Teacher Survival Kit

Fill a mason jar as a sweet and thoughtful "survival kit" for teachers with aspirin, hand sanitizer, snacks, chocolate, stain remover pen, a gift card for coffee, hand lotion, chewing gum, antacid, and ear plugs.

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