Question: What to do about a parent bully

We have a volunteer who has bullied practically everyone on our Board as well as other parents for years. If she doesn't get her way-she wreaks havoc until she does. She spends much of her time coming up with ways to hassle Board & PTA members (practically invading our privacy). She routinely sends out extremely nasty emails or posting terrible things about members of our PTA. She also enjoys trying to turn people against each other. She's not in the PTA for the children, she's in it for her own personal "glory". I say this because she has never volunteered for a position that directly works with or benefits the children and brags about everything she does. We've tried everything to keep her calm & stay out of her way, but she's constantly stirring up trouble. It has reached the point where we have good, reliable volunteers quitting because of her. What, if anything, can we do?

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Community Advice

wordmaven writes:
Talk to her directly and explain that this behavior will not be tolerated. Document it. Give her two warnings and document them. If this still doesn't work, then just stop including her on anything pta related and find a replacement for her position. If necessary, begin board removal proceedings according to your bylaws.

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