Question: Value Proposition for paying for a PTO Membership

We charge an annual fee to join our schools PTO group. I am having a challenge in explaining what the benefit is to the parent to buy a membership. We tell them they get to vote with a paid membership. But that doesn't seem to be a big deal to parents. Any ideas?

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Sweetpea writes:
Why would you charge to be part of the PTO? Everyone should automatically be involved in the PTO if they'd like and vote for whatever they are interested in (it doesn't mean you have to go with their vote). If you need more money, there are some great fundraisers out there and would eliminate the need for annual fees.

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CPerry writes:
I'm actually having the exact opposite proposition, I don't want to charge fees and the rest of the board believes that we should. One of their arguments is that the newsletter is funded with membership and the back to school picnic is as well, as it's the beginning of the year and our PTO is brand new and we don't have a deep reserve yet. You could also explain that membership fees allow your group to run one less fundraiser during the year and still maintain the same number of fun, free activities. Good Luck

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NeillRay writes:
Every PTO needs funding, but charging for membership discourages participation. Asking volunteers to pay for the privilege of donating their time is just wrong. You will be more successful if you fund the PTO from other sources.

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