Question: PTO start up kit

I would like information on how to start a PTO, but I do not have $199 to buy it. We need a PTO because we do not have money. Any suggestions as to how I get information to start a PTO?

Asked by mindywallace



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Mindywallace! We have many articles that can provide you with information to get you started. You could begin with How To Start A PTO . We also have many free downloads in our File Exchange that would be helpful -- they'll save you time in producing forms, letters, memos, etc. These can be found here. Also, take a peak at our Message Boards, where you can ask questions of other parents and get great information. If you feel you need additional guidance, you could consider our PTO Startup Toolkit. That costs $39.00 and can be downloaded here. Good luck and stay in touch! 

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