Question: Checks not for the PTO

Some class parents decided to do a fund raiser for their class for a fieldtrip. They are doing it completely on their own. They are doing a raffle and some of the donors are using our tax ID# and some of the checks are coming in made out to the PTO. Are we going to have issues with taxes or liablity in regards to cashing these checks or if the vendors use this event as a tax deduction since it is not part of the PTO?

Asked by dlrk321



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi dlrk321,
It would be a good idea to check in with these parents and clear a few things up. It really isn't cool for them to just use your group's tax ID# without discussing it. Plus, if they are doing a raffle, they may require a license from your local governing body or state. If they have the checks coming into the PTO, that means your group is involved. If they aren't holding the raffle legally, your group could get pulled into that. So, it's definitely time to clear things up with them.

Good luck,
Rose C.

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