Get free parent gift packs for your back-to-school event


If your school has a back-to-school event (like an open house) between Aug. 15 and Sept. 30, 2024, sign up below for your chance to get free gift packs to give to attending parents!


Each parent gift pack contains a variety of samples and special offers from family-friendly brands. Handing these out to parents is the perfect opportunity to welcome families back and introduce your group. You might just get some new volunteers! Please note: registration for the 2024 program is now closed.

Signing up doesn’t guarantee selection. If your school is selected to participate, your parent group agrees to distribute gift packs directly to parents at your school. Gift packs are sealed and for distribution to parents only and may include product samples with common allergens (e.g., peanuts, soy, eggs), homeopathic medicine, or vitamins.*
Back 2 School

What you’ll get:

Gift packs for parents featuring samples and offers from family-friendly brands.

A colorful banner to display at your event, plus editable “welcome back” tags for gift packs.

The chance to receive additional freebies! In the past, we’ve provided free educational toys, books, juice boxes, and more.

Check Out Gift Packs in Action at a Back-to-School Event 👇

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*This exclusive offer is available to qualifying parent group organizations at K-8 schools. Supplies are limited, so registration does not guarantee selection. PTO Today Plus members get first dibs depending on advertiser requirements (like school location). Schools selected to participate will be notified via email in July 2024 and will receive a shipment of gift packs prior to their scheduled event date. Selected parent groups agree to distribute all gift packs to parents in attendance at their back-to-school event or open house which must happen between Aug. 15, 2024 and Sept. 30, 2024. Samples and offers in gift packs will vary between schools. By signing up, you agree to distribute gift packs to parents only as they may contain product samples with common allergens (e.g., peanuts, soy, eggs), homeopathic medicine, or vitamins; as such, gift packs should not be distributed to or sent home with students.