Family Science Night: 20+ STEM Activities To Spark Imagination

Try These STEM Activities at Family Science Night To Spark Imagination

How do DIY bouncy balls prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s fast-changing world? Creative and engaging hands-on experiences like making a bouncy ball or engineering a marble run are so much fun, kids forget they’re problem-solving, collaborating, creating, and thinking critically—all STEM skills they’ll need to become the innovators and inventors of the future.

With our free Family Science Night planning kit, your group can help families experience science, technology, engineering, and math outside the classroom with hands-on, cross-generational stem activities. The kit has more than 20 easy-to-follow science activities for kids (all of them using everyday supplies that are easy to find), so you can choose the ones that work for your community.

Inside the Family Science Night Planning Kit:

More than 20 STEM activities and experiments
Engaging, hands-on adventures specifically designed for elementary and middle school students, with instructions, photos, supply lists, and lessons.

Step-by-step planning guidelines
A detailed timeline from preplanning to post-event, including a reference chart of all the activities sorted by scientific discipline.

Promotional materials
Colorful banners, a video, social graphics, signs, a flyer, and more to talk up your event—plus photo booth props and a basket tag if you decide to do a Mad Scientist Gift Basket raffle to drive attendance.

Take-home materials to keep the fun going
Printable bookmarks, a “Cool Careers in STEM” handout, and instructions for take-home activities for parents and kids to enjoy after your event.

See Family Science Night in Action

STEM Learning Should Start in Elementary School

Our world is rapidly changing, and STEM is part of nearly every career and aspect of daily life. Kids naturally love to ask questions, explore, and discover, and research shows that exposing young children early and often to STEM subjects inspires them to become lifelong critical thinkers and real-world problem-solvers. And kids who miss out on STEM experiences before middle school are unlikely to pursue a STEM major or career—according to a Skyhook Foundation study, more than 90% of children lose long-term interest in STEM if they aren’t engaged with it by 5th grade.

Support Your School’s STEM Education Plan

Our kit lets you tailor the event to your school’s specific age groups, interests, and expected attendance. When you host a Family Science Night, families experience your school as a place of learning and fun while raising the profile of your parent group. Parents who get to know your group through enrichment events are more likely to become involved with your group as volunteers. Your Family Science Night is a great way to get families excited about both science and your parent group, setting the stage for your students’ academic success.

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