6 Ways To Beat the Winter Blues


Try these ideas and events to put some life into the winter months.


1. Hold a Chili Supper

Chili, the ultimate winter comfort food, lends itself to a variety of family-friendly events. Organize a chili supper as a cook-off with a prize or as a simple get-together in your school’s cafeteria.

2. Organize Good Deeds

Random Acts of Kindness Week is always in February, and what better time to organize a volunteer effort? Even young kids can help shovel seniors’ driveways or prepare meals for people in need.

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3. Spruce Up the Classroom

Winter is a great time to send in fresh school supplies for teachers—those collected at the beginning of the year are likely depleted. Also, take up a collection for a small teacher gift or new books for the classroom.

4. Arrange a Night Out for Volunteers

Family events are great fun, but adult time is, too. Whether over dinner, drinks, or games, your volunteers will appreciate the chance to kick back and relax.

Parents Night Out Flyer

5. Roll at the Rink

January is Figure Skating Month, so why not lace up a pair with the family or a group from school? Skating is a great way to get some exercise—not to mention the traditional cup of hot cocoa at the end.

Skate Night Flyer

6. Hold a Raffle

Raffling tickets to a sporting event, circus, or magic show is a great way to make money while also giving people something to look forward to. Ask around; local businesses or season ticketholders might donate. (Be sure to check state and local rules on raffles.)

Originally posted in 2012 and updated regularly.

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