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6 Ways To Brighten the Winter


Give everyone a lift during the winter months with these ideas and simple events.


Book Swap

The cold months are a prime time to cozy up to some good books. Almost everyone has a few books they no longer want, and a swap is a great way to get “new” ones to kids.

Coffee Talk/Sweets Exchange

Sure, the holidays may have passed, but that’s no reason not to enjoy some coffee and cookies or other sweet treats with friends. Arrange to donate any leftovers to teachers.

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Toy Donation

After the holidays, many kids have more toys than they need. Hold a collection of gently used toys. Make it more meaningful by having some of the children deliver the donations to a shelter or family charity.

A Different Celebration

February has both Groundhog Day and Leap Day in 2016—maybe not occasions typically marked at your school, but kids love the chance to celebrate something new.

7 Ideas for Celebrating Leap Year

Heritage Potluck

Winter is all about comfort food. Make a winter potluck more meaningful by asking families to contribute a dish that represents their culture or heritage.

Potluck flyer

Parent-Child Fitness

Encourage a healthy lifestyle with suggestions for ways to get active as a family, like organizing a group hike, going bowling, or taking a group fitness class.

Family Fitness Night flyer

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