Sharing a Note re: PTO Today

by Tim Sullivan


I don’t often do this, but I loved, loved an email I received yesterday and want to share it. For 11 years we’ve been trying to do exactly what Sara Nakai (from the Humphrey Elementary PTO in Chandler, Arizona ) captures here in her note:
Thank you so much, PTO Today, for offering such a helpful resource to PTOs around the country. Our organization has benefitted so much from the ideas and advice in the pages of your magazine, your e-newsletter, and posts on your Facebook page. The 2 Hour Power Pledge idea is pure genius and our group has more active members than it’s had in recent years. During the second half of this year, we’re planning a Family Reading Night, a Family Fitness Morning, and several evening parent education classes to provide parents with strategies for dealing with topics such as bullying and internet safety. Thank you for these golden ideas!

Man, that made my day! I hope we can help your group in the months and years ahead in the same way.

For reference, here are some links from Sara’s note:

Thank you, Sara, for taking the time to share those kind words. And good luck to all for a great 2011.

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