Some might hear about a school doing a beer-tasting fundraiser and think, “what is up with that?” But kudos to the Lincoln International Baccalaureate World Middle School’s PTO for at least coming up with a new idea for an adults-only fundraiser. The intent is to hold an event just for grown ups so they can hang out and get to know each other, the PTO president said.  At the same time, they hope to raise money to upgrade the school’s furniture and technology. This event, called For the Love of Lincoln, will also include snacks, live music and a silent auction. Four breweries in the Fort Collins, Colo. area plan to donate beer for tasting. Participants also will get a For the Love of Lincoln beer glass.

Adult-only events are a great way to build a sense of community. Parents get the chance to relax and have conversations without having to also keep an eye on their kids, as is so often the case at school events. PTOs raise funds, and the whole school community benefits.

Follow Up: Beer-tasting fundraiser is big success