Its mission: to organize fathers and father figures to be positive male role models for students and to enhance school security. The father of three is writing his second book on fatherhood.


What are the benefits of getting dads involved at school?
Dads are winners because they feel like Michael Jordan on the playground, Albert Einstein in the classroom, and Superman in the hallway. And when dads are connected, kids win. The third winner is the school.


What’s a good way for parent groups to start connecting with dads and male role models?
The message should be “Come as you are.” Invite fathers and kids to a pizza night and you’ll be amazed at how many dads show up. There’s a synergy that’s built for years to come.


What can parent groups do to ensure that all dads/men find a role at school?
If all you want Dad to do is landscaping, he can do that at home. We want dads to find their comfort zones....For engineer dads who like math, have them work with flash cards; if some dads love reading, let them read with kids in the gym. We all love to eat school food, or even just high-fiving kids in the cafeteria. Involve the dad and remember he’s not a security guard, he’s not a cop, he’s a dad. His job is to walk the hallway and be a positive light for the kids. The vast majority of dads want to help, they just need specifics.