We’re heading towards spring (despite snowy forecasts!), a time when many parents take stock not only of their child’s progress, but also of their own progress as a school volunteer. Often, this is the time of year when parents consider playing a bigger role in the next school year and perhaps even running for a PTO board position.

Carol Caldwell

Well, if anyone is looking for inspiration or reasons to volunteer, they should check out our series of SBLI Superstar Volunteer profiles. For more than a year, we have been working in partnership with SBLI (the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts) to recognize and reward exceptional parent volunteers. Each Superstar receives a $500 donation for their school and is profiled here on the PTO Today website and on the SBLI website.

Our latest Superstar Volunteer is Carol Caldwell, a grandmother from Polvadera, N.M., who rebuilt a dormant PTO at Midway Elementary that she had started years earlier when her children were in school. She was disappointed when her granddaughter started 1st grade to discover there was no active parent volunteer operation, so, she decided that if she could do it once, she could do it again. Caldwell’s full story is here.

Toni Huff

Or, take the story of Toni Huff, a truly extraordinary woman who is balancing her family and job responsibilities with her new role as PTO president. And, recently, she’s been battling breast cancer. Huff says she never really considered not following through on her commitment to the PTO at Milton (Ky.) Elementary because of her health. Plus, she says she gets even more out of volunteering than the kids do because she is “just so blessed to be around all those little ones.”

For more about Huff, read here.

Ed Bala receives $1,000 SBLI check

And of course, there’s Ed Bala’s story. Bala, who’s been volunteering at Ponderosa Elementary School of Mathematics in Fayetteville, N.C., for more than a decade (even though his kids have moved on!) was recently named the SBLI Top Superstar Volunteer, winning a $1,000 award for his school. Bala was selected from all the SBLI Superstar Volunteers, receiving the most votes from an SBLI Facebook contest.

Like the stories of Bala, Huff and Caldwell, all of the SBLI Superstar Volunteer profiles can inspire in a unique way. As you read them, you’ll likely find a story that speaks to you personally and may give you the boost you’ve been looking for.