I’m all for snarky when chitchatting with friends, but it’s not the best style for a PTO leader.

Sometimes, we can forget that when we discuss all of the challenges, like the lack of volunteers, we can lose the very parents we are hoping will join us. I remember a few cranky moments (due to work overload!) when I was new PTO leader, and looking back, I know it didn’t help.

So when you’re promoting your group this year, such as speaking at an open house event, interacting with parents, or communicating in your first newsletter, try to be as optimistic and positive as you can. Some people worry they can’t do that. They aren't bubbly by nature and feel that everyone will see right through a Miss Sunshine act.

But you can upbeat without it being forced. Just focus on what’s good about your group. Tell people about the great stuff your group did last year and what you hope to do this year. They’ll see the passionate and dedicated volunteer you really are.  And they will be much more likely to want to be part of your group.

Here’s some help for keeping things positive: