Tell Your Great Story—You Might Win

by Tim Sullivan



No doubt, your group does some very cool stuff. And I hope you look for for the recognition you deserve. That's what our annual Parent Group of the Year search is all about.

The deadline for entries is June 1. When you submit your story, please keep these in mind:

1. Your group doesn't have to be the greatest, most organized PTO or PTA on earth to earn accolades. Tons of our Parent Group of the Year winners have been from very typical groups with all of the typical challenges you likely face. But everyone has a success or story that fits. We'd love for you to enter the search.

2. There are real benefits to entering. Besides the chance to win great prizes and publicity, there’s something really positive that happens when leaders take the time to remember accomplishments, no matter how big or small. After a long year, your accomplishments merit attention way more than any of your misses. It does wonders for motivation.

I strongly encourage you to take this opportunity now to brag a little (or a lot) about your group’s accomplishments this year. You deserve to.

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