What Do Your Kids Think of Your Role as a PTO Leader?


We asked our Facebook community to share their responses.


My twins complained countless times about me having to go to work at my “real” job but never once complained about everything I did as the “PTA Lady.” —Vivian L.


My son doesn’t care one bit. He only goes to meetings with me because I let him play on my iPad. —Brandy R.

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My 7-year-old tells everyone that she’s my assistant! —Jennifer R.


My son’s friend told his mom that I am the queen of the elementary school. —Andrea W.


When I was PTO president, my son told [a student], “My mom is your mom’s boss!” [Now] I'm secretary at our middle school, it’s not as glamorous of a job so we’ll see what he says. —Misty F.


My girls say, “My mom is totally awesome! She gets to count money, makes important decisions, and knows everything!” I just laugh and give them a wink! —Karina C.


When I transitioned over from PTO president to school board, my child was so disappointed. “You mean you’re not the boss of the school anymore?” —Christina M.


My daughter loves it. She says, “Mom, you are the one that makes all of the cool things happen at school!” Makes my heart happy. —Jenny M.

Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly.

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