For me it's to make sure my kids, and the others, have a great experience and fun at school. Regardless of ALL the frustrations and headaches. —Robin P.


I do it because I want to help...and it sure does feel good to give back. —Cassandra M.


The rewards don't come in money but when children of your school come up to you and give you hugs, say thanks for [a] fun time. Parents walk up to you and say their kids had a great time. That's the reward. —Mandi N.


I do it for the kids. In that aspect it is very rewarding to see kids enjoy themselves as a result of something the PTO has done. —Marcie H.


We love our teachers and we love our kids. —Allison S.


I do it for the relationships...I've built great relationships with the principal, my children's teachers, and the other staff members. —Ashley W.


It's also something I can fill in my resume gap with while I'm a SAHM. —JoAnn R.


I think of what I'd like the school to be like for my kids and try my best to make these things happen. —Tina W.