Our Family Tech Talk Night program is an easy way for your PTO or PTA to help parents talk with their kids about apps, cyberbullying, and finding balance in an increasingly digital world. Here are five reasons why that’s important:

1. It positions your group as a trusted resource within the school community.

Lots of parents struggle with talking to their kids about sensitive and sometimes taboo topics like cyberbullying, Snapchat, sexting, and more. By making this topic a priority at school, it shows that your group provides the kind of helpful information that parents are looking for.

2. It’s nice to have an event for just parents occasionally.

Imagine being able to finish a whole sentence without any interruptions! We recommend offering babysitting—some groups even have middle schoolers or high schoolers on site to fill that role.

Digital citizenship FTW! Teach kids and parents what really matters for online safety

3. The holidays often bring new tech devices.

This means parents could really use some guidance on how to help keep their kids safe online and encourage responsible Internet use around the winter holidays.

4. It’s a great add-on to an existing school event.

Tack a Family Tech Talk Night onto a spaghetti supper, book fair, or other community event that gets everyone out and having fun after a busy holiday season.

5. Our free planning kit makes it super easy to do.

The slide presentation includes a full script, which means you don’t even need to be an Internet safety expert to do the talking! Local safety officials are usually more than happy to help give your presentation, too. And Trend Micro, our Family Tech Talk Night sponsor, has representatives available in some parts of the country who are happy to help out at no cost, as well.

Download your free Family Tech Talk Night kit now to start planning this important event for the new year!

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