6 Auction Experiences Kids Will Love To Win

Enhance your auction (and up your bids) with these just-for-kids activities and experiences.


Picnic With the Principal

Allow students to choose a few friends and join the principal at a local park for lunch.

Secretary for the Day

Arrange for the winner to answer the phone, take attendance, greet visitors and make visitor badges, run notes to classrooms, etc.

Spend Time With the Teacher

Work with teachers to come up with fun ways to hang out with their students, like doing crafts, baking, and playing board games.

Police or Fire Station Tour

Arrange for the winner to tour the police or fire station and ride in a cruiser or fire truck. Contact the information officer at the police or fire department to make arrangements.

Morning (or Afternoon) With Family

Let a family member come in and spend an hour or two with their child at school. Make it more of a special time by providing a nice lunch and arranging an activity.

Coach for a Day

Work with your local high school to see whether the coaches or leaders for sports, cheer, or other activities would let kids shadow them.

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